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Members of the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society showed wonderful ingenuity in their displays of the theme of "Flora and Fauna" on Friday afternoon.


The theme began with Endangered Species of the US – some colourful sets of stamps on this subject displayed by Alex Magowan; 

The World Wildlife Fund – Arthur Miller showed stamps, covers and postcards issued by the WWF showing animals and birds around the world;

Flora? Alan Rushworth interpreted this as thistles and weeds growing on derelict buildings and land! Some postcard views of such!;

Over to Fiji – Stamps and Covers showing Birds, Flowers & beautiful Orchids of the country – also a special miniature sheet of a beautiful Orchid in a celebratory folder signed by Raymond Burr (Perry Mason!);

Maureen Mathieson displayed Medicinal Plants shown on stamps of countries worldwide -including Lesotho, El Salvador, Bulgaria, Germany and many more;

A well loved poem has the line "A host of golden Daffodils" – stamps, covers, postmarks illustrating Wordsworth’s poem – were shown by Elsie Miller;

An amazing collection of "Cinderella" stamps showing Birds, Flowers, Animals from all round the world was presented by Bobby Forrest;

Then to the "Dear Green Place" – postcards showing the beauty of  nature in many of Glasgow’s parks – including Maxwell, Camphill, Kelvingrove, Pollokshaws Parks – among others;

To an island in the Pacific next – with Murray Touche - to Pohnpei Rain Forest in Micronesia – beautiful stamps showing Flowers, Fish and Sea Life, Birds, Reptiles, and Mushrooms of this area;

Back to Europe – and to Ukraine - Graham U’ren displayed stamps of the many Native Birds of Ukraine – including the Stork (national bird of the country) – and Pelicans!  Also - from New Guinea – stamps of the lovely Bird of Paradise;

Northwards to Norway – members viewed fascinating Covers, postmarks and stamps showing the Native Birds, Flowers and Animals of the country – shown by Brian Dow

And finally – down to the far South – to the Falkland Islands – where Mike Cleary introduced stamps showing Ferns and Grasses, Insects and Shrubs – also Marine Life, Penguins and Seals, and Wild Animals  that had been "introduced" to the Islands.


Walter Simpson intimated warm thanks to all for giving such wonderfully diverse displays on the same given theme.


The Society held a very successful Stamp and Postcard Fair on Saturday, 3rd February in Hamilton.  It is anticipated that a similar event will be held at the same venue this time next year.


Our next meeting in the Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, is on Friday, 16th February 2024, at 1:30pm when Mrs Lyn Robinson will present her display entitled "Maps"

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.