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"8 sheets or 50p"


Friday evening’s meeting at the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society was one showing displays on an amazing variety of subjects. 


This was the "8 Sheets or 50p" evening – and there was little in the way of 50p pieces as most members chose to present a display.


Brian Dow set the evening off with his display of Perthshire Postal History – a view of many historic covers – beginning with one from the Earl of Breadalbane, posted in Kenmore in 1827;

Walter Simpson followed with a most interesting view of illustrative stamps issued by China;

Gordon Shepherd presented views of various "Black Houses" of the Scottish Western Isles;

Bob Forrest - was south in London – with historic postcards of the city – also a booklet of cigarette cards issued by W.A & A.C. Churchman;

Alex Magowan – was across "The Pond" – in the USA - with Stamp sets of 2021 – including "Backyard Games";

Elsie Miller – ready for Easter – showing Flowers with special Easter meaning – especially the Passion Flower;

George Jamieson – a great display of Scout Jamborees through the years – beginning with 1920 – in London - and ending with the 75th Anniversary in 1995 – also in London;

David Hague – puzzled all with "Der Sozialistischen Einheitspartei Deustchlands" – (Socialist Unity Party of Germany) – beautiful celebratory folders with special stamp issues;

Mike Cleary - gave an interesting philatelic biography of Albert Schweitzer  and also of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition 1903-1904;

Graham U’ren - The "Bird of Paradise" was flying across Papua New Guinea – showing sets of stamps of this beautiful bird;

Ed Archer – presented an informative display of the early Stamp Issues of France; 1840 -1937;

Maureen Mathieson – went "Into the Unknown" with the Discovery of America by early explorers – and also the early Exploration of Canada;

Terry Woods – aroused nostalgia with Postmarks and Historic postcards of Post Offices in the villages of Lanarkshire – most now closed;

Margaret Lyth – intrigued all with novelty postcards of Brodick on Arran;

Alan Rushworth – jolted memories with his covers bearing the signatures of various Scottish Parliamentarians – Donald Dewar; Winifred Ewing et al


Andy Napier – was in Fiji with his display of stamps with Overprints (1891-93), Diplomatic Mail covers and 2 new issues from 2023


The President, Mrs Maureen Mathieson, gave warm thanks to all who presented such varied, interesting and entertaining displays.


This was the last evening of this Session.


We return on Friday September 1st, 2023 at 7.30pm in our usual location when it'll be "President's Night"