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"LPS Members"




Autumn was the topic for displays by our members at this meeting. As predicted the subject wasn't taken too literally with many "variations on the theme". None the less a good day was had by all.


Round one started with Brian Dow who showed us "Autumn Australian Stamp issues" which, naturally, covered a multitude of topics. Following Brian came Graham U'ren whose contribution including migrating birds; both to & from the UK, shorter days & autumnal colours on trees. David Brown presented us with cigarette cards, from days long gone, which featured flowers & birds you'd see in the Autumn. Closing the round was Walter Simpson, who showed us Revenue stamps....all (allegedly) issued in the Autumn. (He did admit later he hadn't read the brief for the meeting!!)


A, very, short tea break & the second round started with Andy Napier with his Fijian "interpretation"; a flower which only blooms in our autumn, the start of the "Cyclone season" & photos of the after effects & a new issue from the beginning of October. Alan Rushworth followed with autumnal fruits & other aspects....all from his native East Kilbride. Gordon Shepherd suggested autumn was the best time to visit the "Royal Mile" in it's quieter then.....with a display of appropriate postcards. Terry Woods was another who hadn't read the brief....he displayed "Scottish Postal, Parcel & Registration Labels" which were printed in Edinburgh by Morrison & Gibb. His, more than, tenuous link to autumn was that this was the first time he'd shown this display!! Ken Liddell used the American name for autumn...Fall....and transposed that into "Waterfalls of Lanarkshire" with his postcard material. Maureen Mathieson showed "Things you'd find in Autumn"; flowers, fruits, mushrooms (all on stamps) along with material related to "Remembrance". A rather late to the party, Margaret Lyth then concluded matters with postcards of Arran all of which depicted autumnal scenes.


Maureen Mathieson proposed the vote of thanks commenting on the many & various ways in which the subject matter had been interpreted.


Our next meeting in the Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, is on Friday, 4th November, 2021, at 1:30pm when Mrs. Elizabeth Nairn, of Caledonian Philatelic Society, will present a display entitled "The river that launched a thousand ships"


Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.


More details of the Societys programme - and much more information can be obtained from our web site