Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Mr Michael Turnbull"





Mike, from Falkirk Philatelic Society, gave us an absolutely astounding display on early aviation at this meeting. He started by mentioning that that things had changed just a little bit since his previous 1984!!

His display started with material related to flight before the Wright Brothers, including gliders & winged flight during which many evolved their theories on how winged flight might evolve. Amongst those involved was Otto Lilienthal, a German, who developed the idea of winged flight; Alexander Mozhaiski, Clement Ader (who thought steam was practical) & Richard Pearce.

As well all know the Wright Brother (Oscar & Wilbur) hold the title of having taken part in the first powered flight.

1911 saw commemorative covers & postcards for the new King's Coronation being flown from Hendon to Windsor; postcards costing 6d whilst (envelope) covers cost 1/1d...both not inconsiderable amounts for the day. He, also, showed a BEA (British European Airways) sponsored cover issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of King George V's Coronation. These proved surprisingly popular & had the be re-printed! Amongst other material on show was that relating to Charles Lindbergh (including some Cuban overprinted stamps covers); Elisa Deroche who was the first ever woman to qualify as a pilot &, of course, Louis Bleriot.


On to his second round & Mike showed us much material relating to the Zeppelins (Airships) which, of course, were built in Germany. The Hinderburg, actually given to the USA as part of WW1 war reparations, featured along with material relating to Hugo Eckener who was recognised as the most skilful of all Zeppelin pilots. Other material, principally covers, showed a round the world flight by a was purely a publicity stunt, of course! The Graf Zeppelin II was built but that was principally used for spying on British defences at the outset of WW2.

Early covers bearing "Mit Liftschiff" (by Airship) labels were on show as were some "faux" Lichtenstein Zeppelinpost stamps.

Mike conclude his display with  Battle of Britain material relating to both the Spitfire & the Hurricane fighters as well as famous Air Force personnel of the time; Douglas Bader, "Ginger" Lacey, & Lord Dowding.

A thoroughly entertaining, and informative, evening was accorded an eloquent vote of thanks by Mr. Alex Magowan who, by coincidence, will be giving a display on "Hamilton" at our next meeting, in the Hamilton Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, on Friday 30th September at 7.30pm

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.