Lanarkshire Philatelic Society




"Dr. Stewart Gardiner FRPSL"


The Lanarkshire Philatelic Society gave a warm welcome on Friday evening (15th Sept) to Dr. Stewart Gardiner FRPSL, past President of the Caledonian Philatelic Society. His subject title was ‘Africa’ and members were presented with an outstanding display of philatelic material!

He started with the Cape of Good Hope and gave an interesting display of postmarks from 1795 when the country was occupied by Britain – and  also of the wonderful triangular shaped stamps – issued from 1853 - showing the allegorical figure of Hope and were printed by Perkins Bacon & Co, London.

There followed an amazing a display of stamps which indicated the turmoil the postal services faced during the various wars fought! In Togo - 1897 – Stamps of Germany were used with TOGO overprinted, followed by – during the Anglo-French Occupation (1914) – stamps illustrating the German Emperor’s Yacht – the Hohenzollern – were overprinted with TOGO Anglo French Occupation – and these were for use in British occupied territory in Togo. In 1915 – British Stamps of Gold Coast were similarly overprinted – but these for use in French occupied territory. Then in 1922 French stamps of Dahomey were overprinted with TOGO Afrique Occidental Francais.

Stamps of the yacht were also overprinted with KAMERUN during the German Occupation there and later during the British Occupation, overprinted with C.E.F (Cameroons Expeditionary Force).

In 1914 French troops in Cameroon overprinted stamps of Gabon with ‘Corps Expeditionnaire-Franco-Anglais CAMEROUN’ and in 1916 stamps of Moyen Congo (Middle Congo) overprinted with ‘Occupation Francais Cameroun’.

When the British occupied German East Africa the German Yacht stamps were overprinted with GEA British Occupation. Also British stamps of East Africa and Uganda Protectorates were also similarly overprinted.


In the second round  there was a change of emphasis – more changes of name but not for reasons of war. Stamps of British South Africa Company were overprinted with Rhodesia 1897-1908 – before being issued with Rhodesia printed on to the stamps. In a similar way – in 1892 British Queen Victoria stamps were overprinted with British Protectorate Oil Rivers until in 1894 the full title was printed on the stamps. This is now Nigeria. Members also viewed a display of Proofs and Revenue stamps of these countries.

The display ended with Egypt – a most interesting view of circular stamps issued as Interpostal stamps. The place of origin quoted in the centre of the stamps – in English and Arabic. In 1892 a Salt Tax was levied and retailers had to purchase special stamps before they could be given the Salt. Likewise, even boxes of matches were taxed and again special stamps also had to be purchased! 


Ken Norris led members in thanking Stewart Gardiner for giving such an outstanding display – and giving a thoroughly interesting talk of the history of the countries displayed.

Our next meeting in the Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, is on Friday, 29th September, 2017, at 7:30pm when members look forward to welcoming visitors from the Scottish Philatelic Society. 

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.