Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"LPS visits the Caledonian Philatelic Society"


Society was represented by President Dr Ken Liddell, Mr. Andy Napier, Mr. Alan Rushworth and Dr Murray Touche.

For the first part of the first round Andy Napier displayed War Stamps & Covers of Fiji from the First World War, Bomber Fund & Fiji Gifts to Britain Labels, on cover, from the Second World War and items related to the leprosy colony on Makogai.

For the second part before the tea interval, Ken Liddell showed postcards from various Lanarks located in North America. He also showed pre-1840 postal history of Lanark, Scotland; Isle of Canna; and Highland Railway, Aberfeldy Branch Line.

To open the second round Alan Rushworth showed postcards depicting the towns and areas where he had lived, some 20 places in total.

To complete the displays, Murray Touche showed US Duck stamps, both Federal and from 37 of the states.

On behalf of the CPS and the 30+ members attending, John Gavin gave the vote of thanks.


Many thanks to Dr. Murray Touche for writing this report.