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On Friday evening (8th) the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society heard about the Asian Green Peacock; the Thunder Dragon; Felix, the Film Cat; and a steam Locomotive named Sir William A. Smith.  The Society welcomed members of the Bearsden Philatelic Society to the meeting and these were some of the subjects displayed.

Ian Mitchell, the President, gave a fascinating glimpse of the stamps and postal stationery issued by wartime Burma. He began with a propaganda postcard issued by the Japanese who invaded in 1941. As they could not print stamps in Burma, the Japanese had to make use of a stock of British stamps (Printed in India with the Annas currency) – showing the Asian Green Peacock - and overprinted them for use. In 1942 Japanese stamps were used with an overprint of Japanese currency (Cents). Postal stationery with imprinted British stamps were cancelled with a large X. In 1943, Burma gained independence and began printing its own stamps.

Alastair Burrow displayed a wonderful selection of postcards, stamps and covers depicting the history and activities of the Boys’ Brigade. Farming, Parades, Bands, Camping Activities through the years were all illustrated. A cover issued for the unveiling of a steam locomotive named after the Founder of the Boys' Brigade – Sir William A. Smith – by Sir Alex Ferguson (who signed the cover) was displayed. Many covers were issued for the 75th Anniversary (1958) – and many more issued for the Centenary in 1983 (one signed by Allan Wells). Many countries issued stamps for the Centenary   - including Eire, Solomon Islands, St Kitts, New Zealand amongst many others. Postcards showed the International Camp held in the grounds of Eton College in 1954 – and also in the grounds of Scone Palace in 1983.

Frank Beattie took members to the country of Bhutan, South Asia – "Land of the Thunder Dragon" – and the flag on display showed the dragon. Stamps were not issued until 1962 – prior to this "mail runners" delivered the mail. In 1962 definitive stamps were printed – and in 1973, stamps showing the work of the the Bhutanese Mail Service were issued.  This was followed through the years by more "special" issues – in 1966 Gold Coin stamps – in the shape of the coins and very colourful – in 1973 – "talking" stamps – miniature records giving the Royal Anthem, Folk Songs, History of Bhutan - were issued. Also on display were stamps showing Bhutanese Dancers (1964); The Abominable Snowman [Yeti] (1966); Girl Scouts (1967); Masks (1976); Munich Olympic Games (1972) & Monasteries (1981) .

Jimmy Crawford gave members a laugh with his postcards of Bonzo the Dog, a cartoon character created in 1922 by George Studdy – and the cards became highly popular and collectable. Also, Felix the Film Cat – created in the Silent Film era – in 1919 – very popular films– and the postcards became highly sought after. Then some modern postcards from South Africa  were displayed – under the title of "How African Animals See Us" – lions, giraffes etc poking fun at the activities of human tourists!  Some postcards from Nova Scotia featuring Moose and also the tragic lives of Lobsters were highly amusing. 

Derek Wiltshire led members in giving warm thanks to the guests for giving such varied and enjoyable displays.

Our next meeting in the Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, is on Friday, 22nd April, 2016, at 7:30pm when Club members will display 8 Sheets - or - pay 50p! 

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.