Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Members' Night"




Last Friday members of Lanarkshire Philatelic Society enjoyed a "trip round the world".   

With the aid of stamps, postmarks, covers and postcards (both old and new) visits were made to Arran, Cumbrae, Islay, Jura, Lismore, Mull, Iona, Coll, Rum, Skye, Canna, Harris, Orkney, Shetland and Ellenís Isle (Loch Lomond) variously displayed by members - Ellen Currie, Margaret Lyth, David Brown and Ken Liddell. 

Brian Dow gave a display of "how to get there" - a series of Scottish Ferries! 

Duncan MacIntyre ventured further south and showed a series of covers and stamps from the Isle of Man. 

Then members travelled abroad in various directions and visited :- Christmas Island with Margaret Allan who showed various stamp issues through the years; Eric Ross showed Mountains of Japan; Albert Tong travelled to Ňland and showed the stamp issues from 1993 - when the island was first allowed to issue its own stamps; Terry Woods displayed postcards of various Post Offices in Jamaica; Alan Wishart was in New Caledonia which had issued covers marking Philatelic Exhibitions held there; David Haig showed stamps, postmarks and postcards from the Faroes; then on to Heligoland for a show of postcards; to Malta to show stamps issued by the Order of Malta; and on to covers sent from various island bases in African Antarctica under the control of the South Africa Antarctica Research Programme. 

The evening ended with a display by Derek Wiltshire of the Tin Can Mail of Tonga - stamps and postmarks on Covers which were sent overboard in biscuit tins to be towed ashore by waiting "postmen" in canoes! 

Raymond Baldock led members in giving thanks for such a wonderful variety of displays. Thanks were also expressed to Derek Wiltshire for organising the evening's displays. 

Our next meeting in the Caledonian Bowling Club, Motherwell Road, Hamilton, is this Friday, 7th March at 7:30pm when members look forward to welcoming John Gavin with his display of "Bruun" & "Nordern".  

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.