Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Sink the Bismark" & "Rail in Steam"


Mr. Ian Barker


At the meeting on 8 November, Ian Barker presented a fascinating display "Sink the Bismark" - the story in stamps, postmarks and postcards of the chase to locate and sink Germany's largest battleship. 

There were 63 ships involved in this operation, including HMS Hood which tragically was sunk.

For his second round he chose "Railways - the Years of Steam" depicting locomotives from "Rocket" to "Mallard" which still holds the world speed record of (very nearly) 126 mph for a steam locomotive, which was set 75 years ago (1938).

Mrs. Ellen Currie gave the vote of thanks for an outstanding evening.

The next meeting, held in Hamilton Caledonian Bowling Club, is on Friday, 15 November, when Chris Moffat will be giving a display entitled "East Kilbride".