Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"5 sheets or 50p"


LPS Members


Friday, 27th April was the evening when members of the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society displayed their diverse interests! 

This was "5 Sheets or 50p!" when some 25 members did give a 5 sheet display. 


The evening was set off by            

Margaret Lyth with interesting postcard views of Arran;

Bob Eadie went off to the other end of the country with views of the Cornish Riviera;           

Jessie Henderson took a "Musical Trip" visiting places connected with Malcolm Sargent, Burns etc;                     

Sheila Sinclair was "across the Pond" looking at the Presidential Carvings at Stone Mountain;            

Bill Jardine displayed lovely covers of wildlife in Lesotho, Africa and also general stamp issues;           

Duncan McIntyre showed an interesting series of pre-stamped USA postcards;           

Walter Tytherleigh displayed stamp issues of the German Democratic Republic for 1949-1953;           

Helen Bruce showed postcards of New Zealand including the interior of Christchurch Cathedral;           

Jean Martin displayed miniature sheets of stamps with pieces of beautiful French lace on them;           

Derek Wiltshire had found various stamps which had flaws - dots in wrong places/no perforation etc;           

David Brown showed "Victoriana" with lovely Birthday Cards published in that era &           

Mike Cleary gave a fascinating view of famous people involved in Freemasonry Roosevelt, Burns. 


The second round was led by           

Julia MacLeod who presented reproductive postcard views of the Scottish island of St Kilda;           

Margaret Allan was further south on Christmas Island with lovely stamp issues;           

Eric Ross was climbing mountains around the world with a series of stamps and postcards;           

Robin Wishart was travelling around Scotland on the Postbuses a great display of covers;           

Terry Woods displayed Numbered Postmarks from his Lanarkshire Postal History Collection;           

Ken Mathieson had a wonderful display of stamps showing Early Navigational Instruments;           

Maureen Mathieson was topical with her display of stamps and postcards of "60 Glorious Years";           

Ed Archer displayed stamps and covers of Germany;           

Jim Fulton displayed stamps issued by Ethiopia;           

Ken Norris was sailing on the "Waverley" with his display of postmarks, cachets and postcards;           

Albert Tong (from Hong Kong) was learning about Scotland from Scottish Airmails;           

Alex Magowan collected stamps and covers issued for Stamp Conventions and Exhibitions in the USA


Ian Gray had postcards of views seen along the tram route in Sarajevo - and other Yugoslavia views.


Mike Cleary, in his Vote of Thanks, praised everyone who had displayed.


This meeting concludes the Session of 2011-2012. The Society shall resume on Friday, 8th September, 2012. 


We will welcome anyone who has an interest in stamps, postal history or postcards.