Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Badminton" & "George V"


Dr. Fiona McEwen


The members of the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society enjoyed some sport at their meeting last Friday, 21st October! 


Dr Fiona McEwen of Renfrewshire was the guest presenter and, with postcards, stamps and meter marks, she gave a most interesting display of "Badminton". She began with a postcard of Badminton House as this is where the sport is said to have begun. This was followed with a series of postcards illustrating "Battledore and Shuttlecock" a gentle game which, with the development of the racquet became the rather more boisterous gave of Badminton. Long skirts and trousers also evolved into shorts!


Many stamps and covers illustrated the different competitions and championships and included the Munich Olympics of 1972 when this was a "demonstration sport" but at the Barcelona Olympics of 1992 was now a "medal sport".


Another series of stamps showed different trophies awarded at the championships. Japan, where the sport is played very seriously, issued many interesting meter marks depicting different aspects of the sport. The Clydesdale Bank was a sponsor of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne (2006) and a 10 bank note was issued showing the Scottish Team Logo on the front and a montage of all team events including badminton on the back.



After tea, members were treated to a more serious display King George V and there was an excellent display of material! Beginning with essays of designs and colours for a possible issue of a definitive stamp in 1910 this resulted in the Downey Head issue. Many examples of this were displayed differing colours, costs, perforations, errors all bearing the royal Cypher watermark. The higher values "Seahorses" issues of 1913 were also displayed.


Other issues were viewed stamps issued as souvenirs at the Royal Horticultural Hall in 1912; British Empire Exhibition 1924; Postal Union Congress 1929; Silver Jubilee 1935 & 1934 essays for the design and colour of a new definitive issue showing an older profile of the King. The first Postage Due stamps issued (1914-1923) were of much interest. In amongst all this were stamp booklets which carried many interesting advertisements; postcards for the 25th Anniversary of accession to the throne; labels for Excise Revenue; and Unemployment Insurance stamps.



Brian Dow gave warm thanks to Fiona for her "fun" round and for the superb display of George V material.


Our next meeting in St Andrews Parish Church Hall, Avon Street, Hamilton, is on Friday, 4th November, 2011 at 7:30pm when we look forward to a visit from Dr D. Cumming with his display of "Argentina". 


Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.