Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Members Night"


5 sheets or 50 pence


Friday, 6th May was the evening when our members displayed their diverse interests!  This was "5 Sheets or 50p!" when some 30 members did give a 5 sheet display.

The evening was set off by

            Bill Wilkie with his wonderful series of Christmas seals

            Paul McGowan with postcards showing some of the windmills of The Netherlands

            Derek Wiltshire with beautiful stamps of "Flora of the World"

            Robin Wishart displayed interesting covers of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

            Alex Magowan presented miniature sheets of the USA Philatelic Exhibition

            Margaret Lyth was irritated with "unsolicited mail"

            Maureen Mathieson showed the "Europa" issues of Switzerland

            Ellen Currie displayed covers and stamps of Universities of Canada

            Ken Norris had interesting envelopes stamped with "Glasgow Revenue Protection"

            Margaret Allan was preparing early with her show of Christmas stamps

            Sheila Sinclair was in the USA with her covers and stamps of the Mount Rushmore Memorial

            Alan Rushworth was nearer home with his varied postcards of the Cowal Peninsula

            Chris Moffat showed First Day Covers of Great Britain

            Alan Wishart gave a bit of history with his Early Scottish Philately

            Gary Cheyne displayed interesting philatelic material of Normandie


The second round was led by

            Clayton Scott with lovely postcards of the city of Bath

            Duncan McIntyre displayed interesting material of General Dwight Eisenhower

            Mike Cleary was interested in colourful Aboriginal Art

            Jean Martin showed stamp sheets issued for "France 2000"

            Gordon Shepherd was in Rhodesia with stamps and postcards

            Julia Macleod intrigued many with her display of Old Hamilton

            Sam Sankus was remembering Special Anniversaries – "Mother’s Day" etc

            David Haig showed wonderful stamps of the Order of Malta

            Ed Archer had stamps of Queen Victoria and Edward VII and also "essays" of suggested GB stamps

            Eric Ross depicted covers of the "Emergency Services"

            Walter Tytherleigh had postal details of the Russian Zone after the war

            Douglas Owens had fascinating covers, stamps and postmarks of Wisconsin - "The Badger State"

            Jim Fulton gave an interesting view of Czechoslovakia in 1937

            Ken Liddell showed postcards and postmarks of Glenholm

            Jessie Henderson was interested in the formation and uniforms of "The Cameronians".


The President, Ian Gray in his Vote of Thanks, praised everyone who had displayed. He also gave warm thanks to Ed Archer for his very capable organisation of the evening.

This meeting concludes the session of 2010-2011. 

The Society shall resume on Friday, 2nd September, 2011. 

We will welcome anyone who has an interest in stamps, postal history or postcards.