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Glasgow Philatelic Society


The Lanarkshire Philatelic Society gave a warm welcome to members of the Glasgow Philatelic Society who gave most interesting displays when they visited the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society on Friday, 22nd October.


Alex McIntosh, the President of the GPS, gave a historically informative display of stamps issued during the Second World War for the Reich Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia; this was formally declared on 16th September, 1939. The Definitive Stamps issued were shown as well as those issued annually to ‘celebrate’ Hitler’s Birthday - and also in ‘praise’ of the German Occupation of the country. Also issued annually were stamps for the Red Cross Relief fund and the Winter Relief Fund. Interesting commemoratives included the 150th Anniversary of Mozart’s Death, the Regional Philatelic Exhibition at Bereschan, and the 130th Birth Anniversary of Richard Wagner. – who was an admirer of Hitler. A privately issued cover of 1942 commemorated ‘The Thousand Year Old City of Prague greets the Fuhrer.’ A Miniature Sheet depicted Theresienstadt – a Retirement ghetto for Jews to live in ‘comfort and safety’(!!) The display ended with stamps showing the ‘V’ of Victory (July to November, 1941) – issued in defiance of Allied countries.


Jim Moffat’s display was entitled ‘Vichy Government of France’. This also was of historical interest as many stamps depicted Marshal Petain who had signed an Armistice with the Germans in June 1940 in which he ceded most of northern France to them while he moved the government to Vichy in southern France. From there the government was still subordinate to the Germans. Stamps were issued annually in aid of both the National Relief Fund and the Prisoner of War Relief Fund. Some of the Petain stamps had overprints marking the German occupation of Alsace Lorraine. In 1944, Petain’s 88th birthday had a special stamp issue. Other stamps issued in these years were; 1943 Provincial Coats of Arms, Famous Men;  1944 - after the Allied landing, -stamps  depicting ‘Marianne’ – the symbol of the Triumph of the Republic;  1945 – issue showing L’Arc de Triomphe. The display ended with the 1941 issue of  2 Air Labels of the collaborationist French Volunteer Legion (against Bolshevism).


Unfortunately, owing to a car breakdown, the other two members of the visiting team were unable to be present. During the tea break Lanarkshire member, Gordon Shepherd, raced home and brought back a most interesting display!


He showed postcards, stamps, covers, cigarette cards all relating to David Livingstone. Starting with some very old views of the Blantyre birthplace, he told the story of Livingstone’s work and exploration journeys in Africa. The discovery and naming of the Victoria Falls, his efforts towards the abolition of the slave trade, his famous meeting with H.M. Stanley were all displayed – as, of course, was the attack by the lion! His death and many memorials to him in both Africa and Scotland were shown.


This was followed by a short display about Northern Rhodesia as shown on stamps, covers, airmails postcards and postal stationery. An interesting postmark marked the opening of Livingstone Airport in 1950.  Stamps and covers commemorated the Birth centenary of Cecil Rhodes – and the display ended with a cover marking the last day of ‘Northern Rhodesia’ on 23rd October, 1964. 



Dr Brian Dow led members in giving the Vote of Thanks for the most informative displays from the visitors – and also for the  very interesting ‘emergency’ display. 


Our next meeting in St Andrews Parish Church Hall, Avon Street, Hamilton,  is on Friday, 5th  November, 2010 at 7:30pm when Albert Tong and Bill Jardine will display ‘Hong Kong’ and’ Solomon Islands’ respectively. 


Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc is very welcome to attend.