Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Happy New Year"


"The Committee Entertain"


The opening meeting of 2009 at the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society proved to be one of great variety when "The Committee Entertained"!

Ellen Currie took members on a wonderful "Trip Round the Caribbean Area" with stamps, postcards and covers; 

Mike Pomeroy displayed interesting "Smiley Sheets" on various subjects;  

Robin Wishart delighted with First Day Covers of "Railways and Trains"; 

Raymond Baldock, in more serious mood, showed "Germany – Third Reich"; 

Sheila Sinclair, with many stamps, depicted "That’s Entertainment" – showing famous stars of screen and theatre; 

Elsie Miller displayed stamps and covers on the theme of "Children’s Literature" – beginning from the Nursery  - "Postman Pat" – to "Biggles"; 

and the first round was completed by Ken Norris showing covers and postmarks of "Hamilton" – not Lanarkshire! – but Hamilton in Canada, in New Zealand, in Australia, in Bermuda, and in the USA!


The second round was led by Paul McGowan showing stamps and postmarks of "Mobile Post Offices" in the Netherlands and also stamps, issued each year, on the subject of "Voor Het Kind" (For the Children); 

Ann Holmes showed delightful stamps and covers of "Wild Cats" – large and small!; 

Philip Morgan-Klein displayed beautiful stamps showing "Modern Art in Germany"; 

Alan Wishart interested members with a "Postal History of Rotterdam" in pre-stamp years – 1652-1816; 

David Haig, with postcards and postmarks, took us to the German island of Heligoland; 

Ian MacPherson looked at the natural world – "Birds of the World" – showing lovely stamps of birds of the water – Ducks, geese, teal etc; 

Alex Magowan showed very interesting Pre-First Day covers, and amused members with his showing of various "Multiples" –  eg. a parcel wrapping filled with 25 x 20p stamps instead of 1 X £5 stamp!; 

Bill Wilkie displayed stamps and covers relating to the "Rotary International Centenary 2005";  

and the President, Margaret Lyth, showed lovely postcards of "British and Irish Flora".


In giving the Vote of Thanks, Gordon Shepherd remarked on the wide range of interests that had been displayed through the evening and which had been much enjoyed by all members.

Our next meeting in St Andrews Parish Church Hall is on Friday, 23rd January, 2009 at 7:30pm when two Club members will give displays – Walter Tytherleigh on the "Third Reich";  and Gary Cheyne on "World War 1". 

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc will be very welcome to attend.