Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"Members Night"


5 Sheets or 50 pence


‘Display 5 sheets or pay 50 pence’! That was the order of the evening at the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society on Friday, 1st May. Most members responded with displays!

The Vice President, Bill Wilkie, set off the evening with his display of ‘Christmas Seals from Canada’
Bernard Berrie had ‘Gone Fishin’ with stamps showing different types of fish
Ellen Currie took off for ‘Iona – Sea, Sand and Flowers’
Paul McGowan was more interested in stamps and covers about ‘Football’
Margaret Lyth showed postcards of Arran – ‘The Pride of the Clyde’
Ken Norris had gone in a different direction to ‘Le Mont Saint Michel’
Elsie Miller stayed at home with some ‘Children’s Literature’
Sam Sankus has a sweet tooth! He displayed ‘Sugar Sachets’ showing castles, hotels, ships, aircraft etc
Margaret Allan went for Variety – ‘Hospitals and Nursing’, ‘Christmas Island’ & ‘2009 – the Year of the Ox’
Chris Moffat likes the ‘Natural History of Malawi’
David Brown stayed local and showed old postcards of ‘Ferniegair, Hamilton, Motherwell and Larkhall’
Sheila Sinclair communicated with the ‘Language of Fruit’
Robert Millar showed ‘Sailing Ships of Poland’
Philip Morgan-Klein is interested in ‘Modern Art of Germany in the 20th Century’
Ian Gray was more far travelled – showing postcards of the ‘NIMT Railway, New Zealand’

After the tea break, Jim Fulton showed stamps and postcards depicting the ‘Hand of St Stephen, Hungary’
David Haig showed issues from ‘Deutschland 2008’
Walter Tytherleigh showed covers issued during the ‘Occupation of the Channel Islands in WWII
Clayton Scott toured us round some ‘English Abbeys’
Gordon Shepherd showed recent covers marking the 250th Birth Anniversary of the Bard, ‘Rabbie Burns’
Jessie Henderson was in the Border Country showing ‘Border Abbeys’
Terry Woods interested all with some ‘Lanarkshire Postal History – in Burnbank and Blantyre’
Brian Dow was in ‘Norway’
Helen Bruce was in ‘New Zealand’ showing Christmas stamps and recent issues
Peter Hambleton is interested in ‘British Wildlife’
Alex Magowan took us on a visit to the ‘Empire Exhibition of 1938, in Glasgow’
Eric Ross was mountaineering – a ‘History of Mount Everest’
Derek Wiltshire showed newspaper pages of the ‘Laying of the Translatlantic Cable in 1860’

The President, Margaret Lyth, in her Vote of Thanks, praised everyone who had displayed and remarked that she always enjoyed these evenings because of the wonderful variety of the displays. She also gave warm thanks to Bill Wilkie for his very capable organisation of the evening.

This meeting concludes the Session of 2008-2009. We shall resume on Friday, 4th September, 2009 in St Andrew’s Church Hall, Hamilton at 7:30pm. We will welcome anyone who has an interest in stamps, postal history or postcards.