Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


"CHINA" by Albert Tong


"The Royal Burgh of Lanark" by Dr. Ken Liddell



Lanarkshire Philatelic Society enjoyed displays by two of its own members - Albert Tong and Dr Ken Liddell.

Albert Tong, who hails from China, gave a display of stamps from his own country. He began with a brief history of the country from the time of Sin Yat Sen and on to the 1st October, 1949 - the date of the Foundation of the People’s Republic and stamps honoured this event.

Albert displayed a great variety of stamps showing – Mao’s birthplace; a stamp depicting the hero who died saving people in Kirin Border floods; 30th Anniversary of founding of Albanian Party; Sports; Ballet; Archaeological Treasures; Pandas; Children’s Day; Red Flag Canal in construction. 50 years of Mao’s leadership was especially marked.

The People’s Heroes Monument in Tiananmen Square, rebuilt in 1949 when Mao declared ‘The People’s Republic’ and engraved his name on the monument – was also displayed on stamps. This obelisk commemorates the people who died for China in the previous 30 years of Revolutions.

Also displayed were stamps marking the 90th and 95th Anniversary of the birth of Lenin, and the 140th Anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx. In 1950 stamps were issued showing Mao and Stalin shaking hands after signing the Sino-Soviet Treaty – with the intent of helping China – but the two men fell out a few years later!

The display finished with various stamps and miniature sheets of modern Chinese leaders.


After the break we moved nearer home when Dr Ken Liddell, who lives in Lanark, gave a wonderful display of postcards of the town. He gave a brief history with the information that ‘Lanark’ comes from either the Welsh Celtic ‘Llanerch’, meaning ‘clear space or glade’; or from the Norman French meaning ‘a place of the wool worker’.

The emblem of Lanark shows a double headed eagle (or falcon) and is of Roman origin. The dogs on either side reflect the choice of Lanark as a favoured hunting ground of Scottish kings. Lanark also shares Glasgow’s ‘fish and ring’ legend with St Kentigern/Mungo the connection – and the eagle’s claw holds the handbell of the Saint.

Lanark also has associations with William Wallace and cards depicting various ‘haunts’ of his were shown. The postcards dated from late 19th century and members had an enjoyable time recognising places they had known in years past – a card showed the High Street before the central bollards were erected – the Aviation Ground and the Racecourse (closed 1977) were remembered – along with other streets and buildings which have since disappeared.


Mrs Sheila Sinclair proposed the Vote of Thanks and remarked that a display about China had rarely been seen at the Club so Albert’s talk and stamps had been an enlightening history. She also said that the cards of Lanark Loch had evoked memories of enjoyable days with her grandchildren and was pleased to say that she had flown from the Aviation Ground! She gave thanks for two wonderfully enjoyable displays.

Our next meeting in St Andrews Parish Church Hall, Avon Street, Hamilton, is on Friday, 17th  October 2008, at 7:00pm – please note change of time! - when we look forward to a display from Mr M. Thomson entitled ‘Bits and Pieces’.  

Anyone with an interest in stamps, postal history, postcards etc will be very welcome to attend.