Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


Members Evening


"5 sheets or 50 pence"


30 of our members contributed to this meeting.

The first round was started by David Brown and postcards depicting the 1938 Glasgow Exhibition;

Mike Cleary with "Postmen on Stamps";

George Graham and some Faroese (not so) Minisheets;

Bill Jardine with Solomon Islands pictorial definitives from King George VI & Queen Elizabeth II;

Walter Tytherleigh and some postal history from Kaliningrad;

Brian Dow with Norwegian Minisheets depicting stamps;

Andy Robertson and an aero philatelic display entitled "The Plane called Question Mark";

Terry Woods with Wishaw & Newmains postal history;

Jessie Henderson and Scottish popular heritage;

Emslie McPherson with Elephants on stamps (mostly WWF issues);

Ian McPherson with more conservation issues;

Alec Magowan with "Turtles on Stamps", including a turtle shaped Minisheet;

Sam Sankus showed us "Viva Las Vegas", match book covers from some of the famous Las Vegas hotels;

Alan Rushworth with postcard display depicting the Caledonian Canal;

Ken Mathieson with a series of stamps depicting the sequence of the Queen's Coronation


Chris Moffat with Boys Brigade stamps, local, unofficial stamps from East Kilbride.


After a well earned tea break we resumed with Charles Kane and "Coin Covers from Great Britain";

Margaret Lyth and postcards showing the mountains of the Island of Arran;

Bob Eadie with "My Visit to St. Petersburg", a pictorial tour of the city's landmarks;

Mike Pomeroy with "House of Commons Covers" including a cover from the Chancellor of the Exchequer;

Sheila Sinclair with "How I started collecting stamps":

Eric Ross and Waterfalls of Zimbabwe;

Gordon Shepherd with some Rhodesian postal history;

Gary Cheyne with material from the British Military Administration of Palestine;

Maureen Matheson showed "English Monarchs on stamps"

Clayton Scott showed us a montage of photos of a recent visit to Holy Island (Lindisfarne);

Paul McGowan showed postcards and advertising material from the Great Western Railway;

Your web master with some Fiji 1990's proof photos and match books using stamps in their design;

Ken Norris with material on John Logie Baird, inventor of television;

& finally,

Ellen Currie with "Mix and Match Minisheets", minisheets from different countries which shared a common theme.


President Elsie Miller commented on the diversity of material on show & thanked all those who displayed in her vote of thanks.