Lanarkshire Philatelic Society



Member's Night

"The Committee Entertain"


The committee entertain is, by tradition, the theme for the first meeting of a new year.

Leading the way this year was Mike Pomeroy, our packet secretary, who gave us "The Chinese New Year" with mini-sheets depicting each of the twelve creatures.

Following Mike came Paul McGowan, our secretary, who gave us maps, map makers and map uses on stamps (very apt for a geography teacher!).

Ken Norris followed with a display entitled "1066"; with stamps & cachets depicting the Battle of Hastings theme.

Treasurer David Haig followed with what he called "one of my Christmas presents"; a fully, and beautifully, written up display of Germany's 2006 stamp issues including issues for the World Cup, Christmas and Trains.

Alan Wishart was next with postcards depicting a Russian Imperial family, to be followed by his father, Robin, who showed us more Russia; this time material relating to the Moscow underground.

Your web master completed the first round with a display of Fiji's 2006 "provisional" overprints.


The second round was led off by Vice-President, Ellen Currie and a display of the uses of motorcycles on stamps, which included racing and postal deliveries.

Ray Baldock, raffle fund-raiser extraordinaire, showed us a fine display of German Postal History from 1933 to 1939.

Alex Magowan posed the question "What size is a mini sheet?" with his display of Australian mini sheets of varying sizes, none of which could be classed as "mini"!

Derek Wiltshire showed us a collection of the early issues of St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla followed by Phillip Morgan-Klein with an interesting display on the life & times of the Austrian designer, Friedenreich Hundertwasser.

Maureen Mathieson dug into, and showed some of, her large collection of butterflies & moths (on stamps) followed by President Elsie Miller and a display entitled "Scottish Hotels with a History" including items on New Lanark Mill Hotel; Culloden Hotel, Inverness and the Weem Hotel, Aberfeldy.

Ian MacPherson concluded the evening's displays with sheets of Isle of Man postal history, particularly the islands Post offices and their cancellation marks.


A most enjoyable evening's displays were accorded a hearty vote of thanks by Margaret Lyth.