Lanarkshire Philatelic Society



Member's Night

"St. Nicholas"


Organiser Alan Wishart persuaded seventeen society members to produce displays based, sometimes rather loosely, on "St Nicholas" for this, our pre-Christmas meeting.

Leading the way was Margaret Lyth with a display entitled "Wee Maggie" followed by Sheila Sinclair showing Christmas Stamps depicting various winter modes of transport.

Margaret Allan showed some, of the many, Christmas stamps from her collection with Rev Bill Izatt showing "the Religious side of Christmas".

Jessie Henderson followed by taking the "S" and showing material relating to the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and then "N" with material on the Nuremburg War Trials.

Julia McLeod followed with different Christmas Themes from around the world and to end the first round, Ken Liddell gave us "Lanark & St Nicholas".


The second round commenced with President, Elsie Miller showed how the name "St Nicholas" have been transposed into Santa Claus followed by secretary, Paul McGowan with stamps from the Netherlands depicting "St Nicholas & other Christmas Themes" as well as Christmas child welfare stamps.

John Potter showed us cards & covers with 25 December cancellations followed by David Strannagan and Vatican stamps.

Maureen Mathieson showed us some Christmas cards received through the years and was followed by husband Ken, who took the letters of St Nicholas and showed British Christmas stamps whose topic began with the relevant letter.

Ken Norris again took the St Nicholas theme from Holland along with other "Santa Claus" material from Gibraltar.

The final two displays came from Alan Wishart, who showed us some World War 1 POW Christmas Mail and Derek Wiltshire with "Christmas Flowers".


An excellent evenings entertainment was accorded a warm vote of thanks by Vice President Ellen Currie