Lanarkshire Philatelic Society



"The Committee Entertain!"...........


is the traditional theme for the first meeting of a new year.

Mike Pomeroy started proceedings with a display of seals, both the animals and those used on official, revenue and confidential mail.

Paul McGowan followed with WW2 Netherlands showing censored mails and a German propaganda issue featuring "Naval Heroes".

Julia McLeod showed us mails from St Kilda, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Ken Norris showed his love of ships with ship mails from (amongst others) the Sea Princess, Eagle, Azur & the Golden /Grand Princess.

Sheila Sinclair showed us stamps spelling the word "Christmas" & "Happy New Year", with Vice President Elsie Miller continuing the festive theme with "Epiphany".

Ian MacPherson featured the Isle of Man TT races with your webmaster concluding the first round with his study of the WW1 "War Stamp" and the Queen's 60th Birthday issues from Fiji.


John Potter started the second round with Scottish Motor cars featuring (amongst others) the Argyle, Albion and Arrol Johnston followed by David Haig's collection of German re-unification covers.

Ray Baldock featured Latvia including a Travelling Post Office (TPO) card and a redirected cover from Malta and Alex Magowan showed some of his New Zealand Mini-sheets.

Terry Woods showed his collection of early "numbered" postmarks from Hamilton and Alan Wishart his collection of postcards, and photos, showing cricket history.

President Derek Wiltshire concluded the evening's displays with some of his Zanzibar collection and a display, given to him by a former Honorary President, the late Jessie Matthews, on David Livingstone.


A diverse evening's entertainment was accorded a warm vote of thanks by George Graham.