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David Matthews



David Matthews entertained our latest meeting with an enthusiastic talk to his display on Crimea.

Concentrating exclusively on the war period (1853 to 1856), David said this was the "Second World War of the 19th Century", with its origins being religious. It was fought between the Russians (on one side) and an alliance of the British, French and the Ottoman Empire, with Piedmont-Sardinia joining in at a later date. He went on to show, through postcards, and photographs (some of which he'd taken himself whilst visiting) the various battle sites, Inkerman, Balaklava, Alma, Sebastopol not forgetting the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade.

He listed many "firsts" which arose during this war--First British stamps used overseas, the first war to have it's own railway built (to aid the movement of men & machines), the first war to utilise a TPO, and for good measure a last--the last war where mail was transmitted uncensored. It was also the only war where mail was given two military marks and where mail to the Crimea was deemed far more valuable than mail from it. 

Material relating to Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole (nurses) and the photographer Roger Fenton also featured in David's comprehensive display.

Former President David Haig, in his own, rather witty, manner proposed the Vote of Thanks .

Our next meeting, on Friday 30th September, will have Russell Walker showing "Sahara an' ra Camels", to which all are, of course, most welcome.