Lanarkshire Philatelic Society


Pharaonic Egypt - Ken Mathieson


The Cumbraes - Ray Baldock


At this meeting we were entertained by two of our own members; Ken Mathieson & Ray Baldock.

Ken's display on Ancient Egypt featured stamps, cards and photos depicting the history of the Pharaohs from as early as 3500BC. He showed material relating to the building of the pyramids, the Great Sphinx, the history of the many Pharaonic dynasties with particular emphasis on Tutankhamum (probably the best known Pharaoh), who only lived until 18 years old (King for 9). Depictions of his burial mask (which weighed 11 Kilograms) and his gold coffin (valued at more than 1m, in today's terms) and other artefacts also featured. Ken also featured Ramesis the Second who lived to the ripe old age of 95, who ruled for 65 years and who fathered over 100 children and had over 100 concubines (busy man!). He completed his display with material relating to the removal, and rebuilding, of those temples which would have been flooded by the building of the Aswan dam.

Ray's display featured the Cumbraes; two islands in the Firth of Clyde; Great Cumbrae (better known to many people as Millport) & Little Cumbrae. Ray explained his liking for the islands came from holidaying there, on many occasions, throughout his life. He started with items of postal history including early "253" cancellation marks as well as the various single, and double, ring cancellers used throughout the years. Much of Ray's display featured postcards showing how Millport, in particular, had developed through the years. Images showing the local fishing fleet (now long gone), the development of the pier, the various ferries which have served the islands over the years, the opening of the war memorial and other local landmarks along with the puffer "Dane", better known as the "Vital Spark" from the TV series Para Handy featured. Ray completed his display with cards depicting Little Cumbrae, particularly of its two lighthouses the earlier of which was situated atop the island (and whose light was ineffective when foggy) to the newer one situated at sea level.

These two, diverse, and enjoyable, displays were accorded a warm vote of thanks by Alan Wishart.