Lanarkshire Philatelic Society



Displays by our members from

North Lanarkshire


Our North Lanarkshire members put on splendid, and varied, displays for this meeting.

Immediate Past President, Sheila Sinclair, started the ball rolling with Spain-- stamps depicting the Coats of Arms of the regions; followed by Matt Gibson with a beautifully presented display on the Queen's Silver Jubilee (1977).

Derek Wiltshire came next with modern Tuvalu; then Tom Bright, who made his displaying debut, showed British Antarctic Territory 2000 to 2003.

Alec Kelly then took us to Brazil, who were second in the world to issue stamps (1843) and whose King (Pedro II) initially wouldn't allow his face to be depicted as he didn't want it disfigured by the cancellation mark!

Jessie Henderson brought us back, much nearer to, home with Shetland; whilst Helen Bruce took us half way round the world again showing Health issues of New Zealand.

Finally, for the first round, Ellen Currie showed "Mapping the Planet for Christmas", with stamps, all showing maps of their respective countries from Canada, Holy Island, Republic of South Africa, Iona & India, Spain & Sicily, Trinidad & Tobago and Tuvalu, Malta Australia, and Scotland/Summer Isles.


The second round got under way with Jean Martin showing "entire letters" from France to Scotland, the first dating from 1665.

Margaret Allan showed us more of her vast collection of Christmas stamps from around the world, followed by Ellen McLuckie who showed us "The Two Alberts"-Einstein and Schweitzer.

David Haig's display came from South Africa, this time showing Philatelic Federation Minisheets which are used for exhibition fund-raising; some publicity labels, and material from the border war with Angola (1975 to 1990).

Jim Fulton gave a fascinating display from Greece whose early stamps were almost all overprints of another! Included were overprints from France, GB, Russia, Egypt, Serbia, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania Austria and Germany.

Finally Sheila Sinclair, who started so she'll finish!, showed some unusual postcards. These included jigsaws, 3D, odd shapes, wooden, leather with her final card probably being entitled "The Throne Room!".


Bill Jardine proposed the Vote of Thanks to all displayers for a superb evening.