Lanarkshire Philatelic Society




Members from Cumbernauld Society provided the displays for our latest meeting.

Peter Carruth began with a display of United Nations Geneva material. The United Nations was formed after the Second World War although the League of Nations had existed previously. Switzerland had observer status for some time but was now recognised as a member nation. Items displayed depicted various facets of the United Nations such as the World Health Organisation and the International Court of Justice.

John Devlin produced an Art gallery of material featuring the artist Vincent van Gogh. This artists early works were sombre, but after visiting Paris he began using more vivid colours such as yellow as seen in the seven versions of his "Sunflowers". The "Sunflowers" was recently copied in a field in the Scottish Borders using 250,000 marigolds and 75,000 cineraria plants. The artist seemingly only sold two of his paintings whilst alive. (both to his brother). John completed his display with a section on Dogs. 

Robert Godfern showed Swedish stamp book material. This featured only material from within Sweden, unlike other countries. Sweden had an equivalent of the Millennium Dome, called the Globe. This building was well used and would continue to be useful to the Swedish population.

Jim Cowan completed the evening's displays with a beautiful hand-written display of Butterflies. This collection had taken around 10 years to collect. Jim had attempted to classify them according to their species, but 20,000 species exist! (not all on stamps yet).

George Graham provided the Vote of Thanks.

Our next meeting, on Friday 12 December, "Towards Congress", means that members will preview their Congress displays. 

All are very welcome.