Lanarkshire Philatelic Society




"Festivities" was the theme of the display organized by Alan Rushworth, at this, the latest Society meeting.

Charles Kane presented material from Papua New Guinea, and the latest British miniature sheet;

Jean Martin showed Christmas & New Year postcards;

Gordon Shepherd chose 25,000 years of the Persian Empire and Livingstone discovering the Victoria Falls;

David Matthews celebrated his naval life with cards and ephemera fore & aft;

Sam Sankus stuck with labels from cigars, cheese, matchboxes, etc;

Bill Izett selected religious festivals;

Sheila Sinclair produced material on Millennium, Birthday, Wedding, New Year, Mardi Gras, Easter, Wagner, Hanukah, Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving, Eid and Christmas;

Ken Liddell chose Lanimers with postcards from 1903 to 1964;

Margaret Lyth delivered Maggie's tale of Christmas Post and Christmas Presents;

George Graham followed that with Chinese New Year booklets;

Eric Ross celebrated 2002, The International Year of Mountains;

Jessie Henderson celebrated Up Helly Aa (a Shetland festival), tall ships, Jersey's 800 years of independence and the Edinburgh Tattoo;

Andy Robertson revealed his rare items on the Festivals of Flight (100 years almost to the day of the first ever powered, manned flight by the Wright brothers) including the Air Meetings at Heliopolis, Nice & Lyon;

Frank Jardine presented Stars of Stage & Screen including Laurel & Hardy;

Bill Jardine chose Hong Kong festivals;

and last, but by no means least,

Santa Alan "Wuffwuff" (Rushworth) completed the display with Christmas material. 

Derek Wiltshire proposed the Vote of Thanks.

Our next meeting is on Friday 9 January, 2004, where "The Committee Entertains".

All are very welcome.